Wine Pairing Recipes

Somehow the conversation at Dusted Valley always comes back to food. Like wine, we enjoy making, tasting and sharing new recipes with friends and family. The recipes below are a few of our family’s favorites and come from the kitchen of Janis Frey – talented chef and friend of Dusted Valley (and mom to our winemaker, Griffin Frey).

Dusted Valley

BFM | Braised Short Ribs – Janis Frey

Cabernet Franc | Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragout – Janis Frey

Cabernet Franc | Minestrone Soup – Janis Frey

Chardonnay | Roasted Carrot Soup with Carrot Top Pesto – Janis Frey

Chardonnay | Clam and Leek Linguini – Janis Frey

Chardonnay | Thai Influenced Black Cod in Parchment – Janis Frey

Grenache | Baked Penne – Janis Frey

Malbec | Feijoada – Janis Frey

Malbec | Wine Country Chili – Janis Frey

Petite Sirah | Roast Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with a Pan Sauce – Janis Frey

Rachis Syrah | Grilled Flatbread with Mushrooms and Ricotta Cheese – Janis Frey

Squirrel Tooth Alice | Sausage Sandwiches – Janis Frey

Stained Tooth Syrah | Grilled Salmon with Red Wine Lentils – Janis Frey

Tall Tales Syrah | Lamb Lollipops – Janis Frey

V.R. Special Cabernet Sauvignon | Macaroni & Cheese – Janis Frey

V.R. Special Cabernet Sauvignon | Braised Lamb Shanks and White Beans – Janis Frey

Wallywood | Mushroom and Toasted Walnut Pate – Janis Frey

Wallywood | Shrimp & Grits – Janis Frey

Wallywood | Red Beans & Rice – Janis Frey


Chardonnay | Mussels and Spanish Chorizo – Janis Frey

Cabernet Sauvigon | Meatball Sliders with Red Wine Onion Jam – Janis Frey

Pinot Gris | Shrimp Satay – Janis Frey

Merlot | Gougeres – Janis Frey

Syrah | Grilled, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms – Janis Frey