Stained Tooth Society Membership Terms

1. Membership commitment = minimum of 6 bottles during our two Seasonal Releases – Spring (April/May) & Fall (October/November.) Simply select six bottles you want by visiting one of our tasting rooms or make your selections via our secure online system, and we will ship it to you or arrange for pick-up at one of our two tasting rooms.

2. If you can’t choose by the deadline for each Seasonal Release (tough job, we know) we will assume you want us to make a selection for you, ship to your address (must have someone 21 years or older to sign) and charge the card on file. All applicable shipping and taxes will be added and your card will be billed when your wine is shipped out.

3. If you opt to have your wines shipped directly to you, please note that in order to preserve the quality of the wine, Dusted Valley will not ship when the weather is too hot or too cold. While this is rarely an issue during the more moderate seasons with our spring and fall releases, if you place an order during summer or winter months, you may be contacted by a member of our team and given the option of holding your wine until weather conditions improve or paying additional shipping charges to have your wine overnighted.

4. If you opt to pick-up your wines from one of our tasting rooms, wine must be picked up no later than 14 days from the date of purchase. If you have not picked up by this time or made other arrangements, your wine will be shipped to your address on file (must have someone 21 years or older to sign) and your card on file will be charged.

5. By registering for the Stained Tooth Society today, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above for a minimum of one year from today’s date.